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Verna Kreutz, Owner

We Are the "Original Pet Boutique" in Door County, Wisconsin started in Ephraim in May 1993 and adding our Carlsville store in July 1997. We feature great gifts for the Pampered Cat and Dog and their Pet Lover.

We started our business in 1990, making "Doggie Delights" - an all natural dog treat using real fruit. We began selling the treats to independent pet stores throughout the United States, some stores are still carrying our product! We marketed our pet concept in local malls for the Holiday Season and had customers asking for Breed specific items.

We began searching for items that looked like the real breed and now have become a very unique business catering to people with specific dog breeds. With 180 breeds available, we narrowed our selection to about 100 breeds. If we do not have something in stock, we are always happy to check with our sources to see whether we can get your breed - even if is a very uncommon one - and order items for you.

Within the Dog Breed items; we have T-Shirts, Treat Jars, Stationery, Rugs, Mugs, Keychains, Ornaments, Flags, Figurines and Stuffed Animals that look like your Breed. And sadly when the time occurs for the passing of your Special Friend, we have Urns and Memorial Stones.

For the Designer dogs and for the Pet itself, we have Fashion collars and coats, a huge array of fun Toys for all sizes of cats and dogs and dishes that fit any decor.

Our "Doggie Delights" are a huge hit - for even the most finicky dogs will love our fruit cookies and pastries.

Pets are always welcome to shop our stores for themselves! We enjoy spoiling each and every one that does come in. Many dogs have learned that we are easy prey for a FREE treat for themselves!

Our Pet-Friendly Staff will be happy to help you find that special gift for you and your Pampered Pet. Or just that special something that expresses your love for your "Favorite Friend".

We hope to see you soon! Or shop for that special something with us right here!

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